Support Services

We guide our clients toward complete revenue cycle control, encompassing everything from patient billing to accounts receivables.


Virtual paralegal Services

Our extensive experience in assigning compliant codes ensures you receive the reimbursements you deserve. Whether filling a temporary gap or providing a permanent outsourcing solution, we prioritize quality coding at scale.


Law Firms & Attorneys

Experience risk-free enhancement in your revenue cycle with LeadGarner Medical RCM services. We're the trusted partner you need for financial success.

Legal Support Services

Founded in 2008, LeadGarner is a premier global legal outsourcing company, offering integrated and cost-effective legal support services to attorneys, law firms, and corporations worldwide. Our mission is to enhance client success through maximum value, improved productivity, and cutting-edge technology.

Our team of experienced attorneys and paralegals functions as an extension of your in-house legal department, helping to enhance your business's value and profitability. Our legal support stands out for its quality, competitive pricing, and quick turnaround times, positioning us as a leader in the legal support sector.

Our Services

Minimizing wait times and maximizing resolution rates!

Litigation Support Services

We provide top-tier litigation support services tailored specifically for personal injury lawyers. Our team expertly handles the drafting of complaints, motions, and all other aspects of the litigation process, ensuring comprehensive support at every step.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Our team expertly handles the entire contract lifecycle, including drafting, reviewing, abstraction, and management. Our skilled attorneys leverage a multi-jurisdictional setup to provide top-notch contract management services.

Paralegal Support Services

LeadGarner offers essential paralegal support services to law firms, covering everything from research and drafting to deposition and probing. We provide reliable, around-the-clock support from well-trained paralegals, helping you save time and reduce costs.

Legal Research & Writing

Our legal research is conducted using diverse resources, including newspapers, books, journals, periodicals, and reputable online sources. Clear understanding of the research objectives enables our professionals to extract valuable information effectively.

Managed Document Review

Our managed document review services optimize legal processes and enhance case outcomes across multiple industriesuse cutting-edge technology to deliver meticulous attention to detail, ensuring unparalleled service quality.

Personal Injury Litigation

LeadGarner offers global, top-tier litigation and paralegal support services, specializing in personal injury law. Our expert team handles everything from drafting complaints to motions and answering interrogatories, providing comprehensive legal assistance.

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Overview of Our Paralegal Support Services

Case Management

Reviewing, organizing, indexing, and summarizing client files, as well as meticulously preparing various detailed correspondences and a range of pleadings, to ensure comprehensive, efficient, and highly effective legal support.

Discovery Preparation

Our discovery preparation services include drafting subpoenas, interrogatories, and discovery demands, analyzing deposition and interrogatory responses, summarizing witness statements, and managing medical report requests and analyses.

Trial Preparation

For trial preparation, we offer expert witness report summarization, document summarization for discovery, property searches from public records, and document management using Casemap software, ensuring thorough and organized support for the courtroom.

Legal Document Production

Our legal document production includes drafting contracts, powers of attorney, prenuptial agreements, case information statements, and property settlement agreements, ensuring comprehensive and precise preparation of essential legal documents.

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