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We guide our clients toward complete revenue cycle control, encompassing everything from patient billing to accounts receivables.


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Our extensive experience in assigning compliant codes ensures you receive the reimbursements you deserve. Whether filling a temporary gap or providing a permanent outsourcing solution, we prioritize quality coding at scale.


Revenue Cycle Management Services

Experience risk-free enhancement in your revenue cycle with LeadGarner Medical RCM services. We're the trusted partner you need for financial success.


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LeadGarner provides unmatched billing and coding services for healthcare provides in USA opting for an external outsourcing agency. Our certified team excels in recovering Aged Receivables and handling insurance Claim Denials, boosting healthcare financial health.


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Healthcare Services
Medical Billing Services

Streamlining financial operations through accurate, efficient, and reliable billing and claims processing for healthcare providers.

Medical Coding Services

Ensuring precise, accurate coding of patient diagnoses and procedures to optimize reimbursement, compliance, and efficiency.

Revenue Cycle Management

Maximizing revenue flow by managing patient billing, claims, and payment processes efficiently from start to finish.

Healthcare Audit Services

Avoid the pitfalls of financial losses and audits due to billing errors. Our comprehensive review helps safeguard your revenue cycle.


Important KPIs to Ensure Faster and More ROI.

For large practices aiming to optimize their revenue cycle management and achieve a faster Return on Investment (ROI), focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs) is essential. Crucial KPIs such as Days in Accounts Receivable, Claim Denial Rates, and Net Collection Rate provide valuable insights into the billing process's efficiency, highlighting the time it takes to collect payments, the frequency of claim denials, and the effectiveness of revenue collection efforts.

Monitoring the Clean Claims Rate and Cost to Collect also reveals the success rate of first-time claim submissions and the financial efficiency of the collection process, respectively. By tracking these metrics, practices can identify areas for improvement, streamline their billing operations, and enhance financial health.

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What approach does your medical billing company take towards managing reimbursements and denials for medical claims?

We ensure claim accuracy at submission, then oversee each claim's journey to resolution, communicating with payers and addressing issues swiftly. We appeal against denials and underpayments, leveraging our experience to secure timely, full payment for you.

Is there a way for me to track and assess the quality and performance of the medical billing service once I engage them?

Absolutely. LeadGarner enables healthcare providers to monitor the quality and outcomes of their billing operations. We provide daily invoicing reports, key performance indicators, and offer insights for revenue cycle improvement.

Do your services encompass both independent and advanced options for medical billing?

Our firm provides specialized medical billing services for Medicaid and Medicare, with a keen understanding of each state's unique rules. We ensure accuracy and compliance from claim submission to payment, expertly handling forms, codes, and appeals for first-time success and rightful payment recovery.

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