Document Review Services

LeadGarner provides managed document review services tailored for a variety of industries including legal, pharmaceuticals, insurance, and more. By employing experienced legal professionals and utilizing advanced software like Relativity, Ringtail, Everlaw, and Disco, the company enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the legal document review process. This service is crucial for handling the complexities of various legal matters such as intellectual property law, civil arbitration, and internal investigations, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and adherence to legal standards.

The focus on specialized areas like patent disputes, trademark litigation, and law of tort further underscores LeadGarner's commitment to excellence. By reducing the workload on in-house legal teams, these services allow firms to concentrate more on strategic aspects rather than procedural tasks. The integration of cutting-edge technology with professional expertise not only optimizes legal workflows but also improves the outcomes of cases, making LeadGarner a valuable partner for any organization facing extensive legal document management challenges..

Objective Coding

LeadGarner boasts a dedicated team of attorneys who specialize in meticulously proofreading and reviewing documents. Our experts are proficient in the document review process, meticulously checking each document for citations, typing errors, grammatical mistakes, and other specific client requirements. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, every document undergoes a stringent quality check. Trust our team to deliver precision and excellence in every review.

Responsive Analysis

Whether you require detailed legal analysis, thorough research, or expert drafting, consider outsourcing to LeadGarner. Our experienced legal team includes skilled attorneys who excel at delivering exceptional, high-quality, and reliable solutions. We specialize in organizing and preparing summary judgment motions, ensuring each document is meticulously crafted to meet your specific needs. Additionally, our team is equipped to assist with:

Confidentiality Review

LeadGarner offers comprehensive support for the entire E-Discovery process, combining exceptional service and advanced technology to manage all your stored information effectively. Our service-oriented approach is backed by a team of experienced professionals and project managers, along with behind-the-scenes experts who can assist with every aspect of your case.

We provide the necessary resources and expertise to access, manage, and visualize all case-related information efficiently. From initial case assessment and commercial data mapping to meeting specific data collection demands, LeadGarner is equipped to guide your business through each step of the E-Discovery process.

Privilege Analysis

LeadGarner is a leading litigation support company that helps you streamline your litigation preparation process. We specialize in minimizing your review time and ensuring that crucial elements of depositions are properly captured. Our deposition summary services include a thorough review, assessment, and summarization of depositions, creating concise digests even from lengthy, multi-day sessions.

We provide precise, to-the-point summaries of deposition transcripts and meticulously examine records to construct detailed chronologies of events. These chronologies enable attorneys to quickly pinpoint key events and sequences, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the litigation process.

Medical Record Review

Our medical record review services are designed to enhance your ability to impact the outcomes of workers’ compensation, personal injury, and automobile liability cases. Our team, exclusively skilled and qualified, meticulously examines medical reports, constructs detailed timelines, and provides comprehensive guidelines. This empowers you to make the crucial decisions necessary to advance your cases effectively.