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Abstract yourself from the underlying complexity of technology to focus on your business

Staff Augmentation

Augment your team with the best talent and budget-friendly staff augmentation solutions.

Cloud Solutions

Gain access to the finest cloud talent and the best cloud experts in the industry.

IT Consulting

Bringing together cutting-edge technology, proven expertise, and a results-driven approach.


We combine tech integration and human expertise to boost efficiency and drive cost savings.

Perfect Blend of Technology & Human Touch

Unlock the true potential of your business enabling agile operations, personalized services, and meaningful engagements, propelling business growth and innovation

Cloud Solutions

Unleash Endless Possibilities, Supercharge Your Cloud Services, Reduce Costs, and Achieve Operational Excellence with Expert Cloud Solutions

Cloud Consulting

Expert guidance on cloud technologies, strategy, and implementation to optimize business operations and drive innovation.

Cloud Migration

Unleash the potential of the cloud with our professional cloud migration services, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Cloud Management

Empower your business with streamlined cloud management solutions that enhance productivity and agility.

Cloud Application Development

Accelerate time-to-market and achieve digital transformation goals through expert cloud application development.

Cloud Data & Analytics

Discover the advantages of cloud-driven data analytics, empowering you to optimize performance and drive innovation.

Cloud Security

Ensure compliance and data privacy in the cloud through robust security frameworks that prioritize confidentiality and integrity.

Technology-driven Streamlined Processes

ClearScale leverages deep technical expertise to provide innovative cloud solutions customized for each client. Whether you're looking to lower IT costs, improve efficiency, develop new applications, or mitigate risk on the cloud, we've got you covered.

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Cost Effective Business Operations

We’re more than technical experts. ClearScale is also your strategic partner for unlocking the full value of the cloud. We provide highly tailored solutions that help you achieve your business transformation objectives. We define strategies that drive innovation and we walk with you every step along the way to achieve your goals.

Our BPO Services

  • Healthcare BPO Empowering healthcare providers with a seamless blend of technology and human touch, LeadGarner optimizes processes, ensures compliance, and delivers personalized patient experiences, propelling growth and innovation in the healthcare industry.
  • Call Center Services Offering exceptional customer support, efficient issue resolution, and personalized assistance, we enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty through a blend of cutting-edge technology and empathetic human interactions.
  • Insurance BPO Elevating insurance operations with technology-driven solutions and skilled professionals, we deliver seamless policy administration, claims processing, and customer support, fostering client trust and business growth.
  • Research & Analysis Leveraging data-driven insights and human expertise, we provide in-depth research, comprehensive analysis, and actionable recommendations, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Legal Outsourcing Ensuring legal efficiency and accuracy through a combination of advanced legal tech and experienced professionals, we offer research, documentation, and administrative support, enabling lawyers to focus on core advocacy.
  • Transcription Services Transcribing audio/video content with precision and speed using cutting-edge tools and trained transcriptionists, we simplify data accessibility and improve productivity across various industries.
  • Finance & Accounting Integrating technology and financial expertise, we deliver secure and accurate financial management, bookkeeping, and reporting services, enabling businesses to optimize financial performance and compliance.
  • Translation Services Breaking language barriers with skilled linguists and translation technology, we facilitate seamless communication and localization, expanding global reach and enhancing cross-cultural interactions.
  • Digital Marketing Enhancing digital presence and outreach through innovative strategies and technology, we drive brand visibility, engagement, and conversions, fostering business growth and customer loyalty.
  • Email Marketing Services Crafting personalized and targeted email campaigns using data-driven insights and email automation tools, we boost customer engagement, conversions, and ROI, delivering effective and measurable marketing results.


Drive innovation and accelerate digital transformation with our cutting-edge multi-cloud solutions, tailored to meet your unique business needs.

Amazon Web Services

Partner with us to unlock the full potential of AWS, we deliver specialized expertise, enabling you to maximize the benefits of AWS and achieve your business goals.

Microsoft Azure

Experience the true capabilities of the Microsoft Azure Program with our specialized expertise. We empower you to maximize benefits and reach your goals.

Google Cloud Platform

Tap into our deep knowledge and experience in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to unlock its full potential. Partner with us for optimal GCP performance.

Staff Augmentation

Team-Based Model

Accelerate your projects with our team-based IT service models. Our dedicated teams of skilled professionals seamlessly integrate with your organization to deliver exceptional results and drive success.

Project-Based Model

Achieve project success with our tailored IT services. Our dedicated team takes ownership of your project, delivering on-time, on-budget solutions customized to your unique requirements.

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